A New Site, A New Philosophy

What started as a personal project has turned into a new, inspiring, adventure.

PersonalDM was never about web design, CSS, or (insert programming buzzword here). It was about adventures, the tumultuous relationship I had with some of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and how they always ended up in the trash.

Imagine for a moment a completely different world. In this world you wrote novels every other day, novels that your friends, family and coworkers told you were brilliant. However, nobody wanted to buy your novels. Nobody wanted to support you writing them. Since, let's face it, selling novels isn't really a thing. Would you just give up? Would you toss each and every heart-wrenching and inspirational novel in the trash because it just wasn't normal to try and turn this into a career?

You might. But I won't.

These adventures are my novels. Countless hours, days, even weeks spent crafting original worlds that I know my players would enjoy. I push boundaries, cross genres, and write riddles while I ride the bus home from work.

The only difference between the Paul who began this website and the Paul after our new website overhaul, is that now he is surrounded by a team of professionals.

Not only will PersonalDM still strive to give you whole, original, mind-bendingly awesome role playing adventures, but we have some new promises to put forth.

  • We'll be using a nice new template to make our campaigns look professional and easy to sort through. Tables of Contents will now be a useful tool for navigating our (sometimes) complex adventures, dungeons, and characters.

  • We'll be adding individual character ideas and monster ideas, many of which will be designed by some of my closest friends and members of the PersonalDM team. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • We'll be splitting up some of our campaigns. The larger campaigns will have smaller sections you can test and have fun with and test the waters with, before downloading the full package.

So for now, hold onto your seats. A lot of changes are coming in the next few months, some of them big, all of them good.