Universe Building 101

If only I were a little less ambitious, this campaign would have come out in full about a month ago. But nonetheless- full steam ahead! Above I've left a rough draft snippet, one of many maps that will be digitally reworked and artistically redesigned to be enjoyed easily.

This new adventure stands as a mark that hopefully we can use to show you just how serious we are about our campaigns to come. Seekers of the Maw is a campaign designed for those who are looking to see just how original our content is and how dedicated we are to giving you an entire role playing experience. Chocked full of almost 80 sessions worth of content for your players to dive headfirst into- it's my personal belief that it would be impossible for this campaign to disappoint.

So? Let's get into it!

Your players will be introduced to the world of Aura. Aura is a world with no bottom or top, an endless sky with no ground or oceans to discern. To the more studious and intelligent, the world of Aura is one of the many elemental planes that exist in the Inner Realm. Creatures of flight rule over this world as inferior monsters that require land are quickly wiped out.

However, since the genesis of the Auran peoples, 4 great beasts known as Leviathans have housed forests, rivers, mountains, even towns and cities upon their backs for people to exist. Without these leviathans, the people of Aura would fall to their death into the void that is the never-ending bottom of the sky. Upon the backs of these creatures, bustling towns and cities endure as national politics take the stage and technology becomes the great communicator. Airships built to ferry people from one leviathan to the next become common place, miniature leviathans are born and can be tamed to do the same. People of Aura surely weren't meant for this world, but they make do as they always have.

Not only that, but a massive uninhabited world exists beneath the floating leviathans. A curse exists within this world, like a poisonous gas, that infects all humanoid creatures and leaves them coughing blood and eventually leads them to death. A Seeker is a humanoid soul, both brave and smart enough, to withstand the depths of the Maw and understand what secrets lie beneath.

Your players will set out on a journey to explore this world. Every town will have its own set of quests, original and interesting nonplayer characters, shops and treasures, as well as an unforgettable setting like the map of "Camp Ono" above. The Maw will serve as its own incredibly vivid dungeon, full of monsters and relics the likes of which your players have never seen.

The reason this campaign has taken so long to produce is because it really is the real deal. Almost as if it were six campaigns in one, I'm positive this experience will turn even the most hardcore, veteran role players soft to the core with emotion.

Stay tuned, and take caution. An entirely new world takes a bit of getting used to.