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A journey into the terrifying and mysterious world of CSS

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for almost the entirety of my intelligent life (or untintelligent?). I've also been writing stories for the same time.

Stories are different though. They're so much time, effort, and love with so little reward sometimes that it can kill you. Unless you've got a heart of stone (which I'm afraid I don't) then writing stories and hoping for them to make you happy is like jumping off a cliff and hoping you land in warm water.

Role playing games are different though. Writing for these gives an immediate response. I'm constantly told by my players and friends if a campaign is bad or good, constantly refining my style and narratives, until my criticisms have become my strengths. Now, I sit back and play tabletop games with multiple groups of friends, a hobby that has transformed itself to take up most of my time. And I couldn't be happier with it.

So here is my stockpile, the child of my brain that needs adoption. These are worlds, characters, magic items, stories woven out of love and joy of the sport. I don't offer these because I want to make money, but rather because seeing the dusty papers in my room grow old and stale makes me very sad. Take these characters and turn them into something wonderful. Hopefully this website is the flint that strikes that fire.