Let me introduce you to the Slime King...

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He's a good friend of mine

Well, here it is. I wouldn’t consider this a masterpiece by any measure of my own self appraisal because I’m way too hard on myself, but it’s pretty damn close.

My Tales of Eartho campaign is an experiment that I never thought I’d ever get to try. It’s a culmination of both the classic role playing tropes and ideas of a normal adventure mixed with the enjoyment of a party game that both my friends and I enjoy. This campaign is similar to a game like clue, or more similarly to something like Stratego or Risk, where the players are actively fighting against an entity who knows more than they do. The battle in the end of this campaign is not for survival, but for information. Whoever knows the secret of the Slime King and possesses the knowledge that the Dungeon Master IS the Slime King, shall gain a huge benefit that could result in victory.

This is also an emotional moment for me. Campaigns like these only come once in a lifetime for good and for bad. Tales of Eartho and Lords of Castlemire were two adventures that hinged on the supernatural and complex narrative ideas. Lords of Castlemire dealt with time-travel and wacky ideas where Tales of Eartho used metagaming as a tool for story-telling. However, I’m sad to say that I’m tired of both of these ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, coming up with an idea like the Slime King or fighting Nazis through a time-loop is exhilarating when it appears in your mind. I remember the antsy feeling I got when sitting on the bus listening to music as my eyes slowly opened to the idea of me being the final boss. It was like that scene in Ace Ventura.

rA05r8 "Finkle is Einhorn... Einhorn is a MAN... oh my GOD..."

I think it’s time to set sail. Monsters and campaigns come and go. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever come up with an idea as good as the Slime King in terms of pure, unfiltered, tabletop fun. But I do know this- it took my strange and anxiety ridden brain to come up with a monster and campaign as wild as this. As a creator of these kinds of campaigns, I want my audience to know one major thing about me. Hate them or love them, my campaigns will always be crazy.

The future will be different. I’m not quite sure how it will be different, but it will. I feel good about it, like I’m on the verge of another set of campaigns unlike anything anyone has ever played before. So, while I work my job and keep on trucking, soon enough you’ll be seeing another post on here about the next campaign to come.


Departure From An Almost Magnum Opus

When I was about twelve years old, I remember scouring the internet for websites like mine. I had worlds of imagination tucked in my tiny developing brain that I wanted to unleash but I just needed a little nudge. There was nothing. I remember reading magazine after magazine by Wizards of the Coast, diving into message boards that a twelve year old shouldn’t be reading, just to find that perfect campaign idea to impress my friends. I was thirsting for a game that could save me from reality, something to give me purpose if only briefly.

Eventually I grew up. I pushed myself into something more “grown up” like novel and essay writing as I left for college pursuing an English degree. However, those thoughts never left my head. All I really wanted was to sit around a table with good friends, having a good time, telling stories. That was fun to me, that was all I really needed in the world.

So this website started as a junkyard to place all my old and decaying campaigns that were sitting on my shelf gathering dust. But now it’s turned into much more. It’s a dream. My dream now is for others, 12 years old and beyond, who are looking for that extra push to stumble on an internet Dungeon Master who can give them the secrets I never had. These are the campaigns worth preparing for, campaigns worth convincing your friends to book a trip somewhere for the weekend.

I can’t say you’ll ever see something like the Slime King again, or like Castlemire. But what you will see is the same creative lunatic who came up with the Slime King, coming up with more strange ideas. That’s a promise for as long as I’m alive. So click down below to enjoy what I’ve spent months of my time creating, I assure you it’s worth the time.