Tales of Eartho

  • Dark
  • Mystery
  • Difficult
  • Creative
  • Classic
  • Humor
  • Romance
  • Interesting NPCs
  • Horror

The Greatest and Strangest Campaign You've Never Played...

There comes a certain time for a Dungeon Master to spread his wings and reach a level that others can't quite. Some dungeons are horrific, some are light hearted, and some are badass- but how can one muster everything together and more? Welcome to Eartho, a world not entirely different than our own, but one that can only be mastered by the boldest heroes. This is a tale that harkens to classic dungeon experiences while remaining fresh and interesting, dark and humbling to even the wildest players. It's time for a journey unlike anything your players have ever encountered. Trust me when I say this- you're not ready for the campaign you're about to begin...